Host Institution: HES-SO     PhD Enrollment: UBFC Objectives Characterization and investigation of the alteration of oxidized, patinated and varnished metal artifacts with time. Use of imaging techniques: Selection of appropriate ones, testing of acquisition and processing protocols on artificially aged mock-up samples. Application of selected imaging techniques on CH artifacts, followed by interpretation and evaluation. Main […]


Host Institution: CUT Objectives Development of advanced metadata and semantic model for integrating: Para-data of the acquisition technologies and historical and archaeological evidence of CH objects. Argumentation leading to virtual reconstruction and discussing alternatives with the object owners/ stakeholders. Connection of physical and social-historical, constructive, functional, aesthetic and environmental parameters, etc. with 3D/4D documentation of CH […]


Host Institution: UVA Objectives Application of imaging techniques to assess the surface modification of daguerreotypes during their alteration and further restoration using controlled electrolytic processes: Development of a monitoring protocol for tarnishing process using imaging techniques. Definition of the conditions for a controlled electrolytic removal of the tarnishing. Use of the monitoring protocol to assess cleaning […]


Host Institution: SNM          PhD Erollment: University of Neuchatel Objectives Definition of a multi-modal analytical approach to assess different degradation factors and forms. Selection of 3D imaging techniques to document and monitor altered glasses. Development of methodology for characterizing different alteration forms and products using imaging and spectroscopy. Selection and evaluation of new cleaning […]


Host Institution: HES-SO          PhD Erollment: UIO Objectives Development of methodology based on multi-modal analyses for the assessment of the different factors in the formation of metal soaps. Evaluation of analytical protocol on mock-up samples presenting characteristic degradation features. Validation of the proposed multi-modal analyses methodology on real artworks. Main Supervisor: Edith Joseph […]


Host Institution: UIO Objectives Identify paints vulnerable to dirt accumulation and related dry-cleaning methods. Develop representative paint mock-ups for documentation and novel cleaning tests. Perform relevant accelerated aging and testing followed by documentation. Investigate, evaluate and document changes with support of case-studies. Main Supervisor: Tine Frøysaker (UIO) Co-Supervisor(s): Jon Yngve Hardeberg (NTNU) Edith Joseph (HES SO)


Host Institution: UBFC Objectives Investigate the relation between changes in appearance and its underlying geometric mechanisms. Surface roughness reconstruction by combining stereo-photometry and ‘Shape From Focus’. Acquisition at the same scale of surface 3D information and the photometric attributes. Local and global singularities detection on 3D surfaces with impact on photometric attributes and global appearance. Model […]


Host Institution: UBFC Objectives Development of complete framework based on spectral-RTI system: Acquisition, multi-view data alignment and stitching, joint reconstruction of spectral and angular components of reflectance. Investigation of parameters characterizing change in CH object appearance. Investigation of the link between photo metric parameters and visual judgement through psycho-sensorial experiments. Main Supervisor: Alamin Mansouri (UBFC) Co-Supervisor(s): […]


Host Institution: C2RMF          PhD Enrollment: NTNU Objectives Development of small scale 3D imaging acquisition and solution for 3D printing for conservation purposes Measurement and modelling of surface details with the support of imaging tools. Early stage detection of micro alterations. Investigation of 3D printing methods at micro scale levels. Main Supervisor: Nicolas […]


Host Institution: C2RMF          PhD Enrollment: UBFC Objectives Identify data representations and cross-analysis with heterogeneous multi modal inputs available at the museums- 2D and 3D imaging (e.g., spectral, 3D surface, tomography X3D, fluoX, and chemical imaging). Visualization of data from heterogeneous sources. Construct data fusion model with computing analysis and other information as […]