CHANGE structure is detailed in the figure presented above.

The scientific activities are grouped into three Work Packages (WPs), which are WP3, WP4 & WP5 and form the breeding ground for ESR training (WP2). WP3 and WP4 cover technology aspects while WP5 is application oriented. WP3 and WP4 will be run in parallel so that ESRs working on the development of new knowledge in ICT might deploy it to different applications and contribute to the work carried out transversally by other ESRs studying the change of specific materials and associated artefacts through the optimization of tools and methodologies. One WP (WP6) is dedicated to the dissemination, exploitation and communication of results. All ESRs will be involved in this WP which should open new job opportunities. WP2 to WP6 will be managed under the umbrella of the coordinating partner (WP1). All WPs are strongly interlinked to each other to respond to the needs of end-users through a constant “come and go” between the acquisition, analysis, interpretation, visualisation, and evaluation of data. Additional information about the WPs can be found below.