Jon Yngve Hardeberg
Image quality, colour science, spectral imaging

Marius Pedersen
Image quality, colour science, spectral imaging

Sony George
Cultural heritage imaging, multi-hyperspectral imaging

Elizabeth Ellen Peacock
Cultural heritage conservation, Conservation science, and Conservation pedagogy

Theoharis Theoharis
3D imaging, image processing and computer vision, CH imaging

Jean-Baptiste Thomas
Associate Professor

 Małgorzata Kujawińska
3D imaging, CH imaging, computer vision

Robert Sitnik
3D imaging, CH imaging, computer vision

Clotilde Boust
Imaging science, cultural heritage imaging, 3D imaging, imaging for restoration

 Nicolas Mélard
3D imaging for archaeology, conservation science

Gaëtan LE GOIC
Imaging Techniques

Alamin Mansouri
Colour imaging, 3D imaging, RTI, spectral imaging

Noëlle Lynn Wenger Streeton
Paintings Conservation, Cultural Heritage

Tine Frøysaker
Paintings Conservation, Cultural Heritage

Marinos Ioannides
Digitization, 3D reconstruction and modelling, HBIM, Image Processing, Metadata and Semantics

Laura Brambilla
Conservation science, molecular spectroscopy, corrosion, imaging for cultural heritage

Christian Degrigny
Conservation science, electrochemistry, imaging for cultural heritage

Edith Joseph
Conservation science, molecular spectroscopy imaging, multi-spectral imaging

Robert G Erdmann
Image processing and data fusion for CH

Tiziana Lombardo
Conservation Science