ESR7 – Yoko Arteaga

Yoko Arteaga

Country of Origin: Peru
Host Institution: C2RMF


Yoko has a MPhys in Physics with Professional Experience from the University of Exeter, UK. In 2019 she concluded a EMJM degree in Colour Science, after completing placements at University Jean Monnet (France), University of Granada (Spain) and University of Eastern Finland (Finland). Her master thesis was done in collaboration with Océ Print Logic Technologies, titled “A study on dot gain versus physical properties”.

Aspirations within projects:

Currently, Yoko is involved in ESR7 where she will work on microscopic 3D imaging for conservation. Her main aims for the project are to develop methods for automatic detection of trace marks on archeological samples as well as detecting changes of surface structure over time. Her aspirations within the project are to create a more automated protocol for the study of micro-topographic data, which will aid conservators and restorers to better understand these samples. 

ESR7: Microscopic 3D imaging and conservation


  • ​Development of small scale 3D imaging acquisition for analysis of surfaces.
  • Measurement and modelling of surface details with the support of imaging tools.
  • Early stage detection of micro alterations.
  • Monitoring and assessing restoration and conservation actions by characterization and analysis of surface details.

Main Supervisor:


Thompson, E. M., S. Biasotti, A. Giachetti, C. Tortorici, N. Werghi, A. S. Obeid, S. Berretti, H. P. Nguyen-Dinh, M. Q. Le, H. D. Nguyen, M. T. Tran, L. Gigli, S. Velasco-Forero, B. Marcotegui, I. Sipiran, B.Bustos, I. Romanelis, V. Fotis, G. Arvanitis, K. Moustakas, E. Otu, R. Zwiggelaar, D. Hunter, Y. Liu, Y. Arteaga, R. Luxman (2020): SHREC’20 Track: Retrieval of digital surfaces with similar geometric reliefs. Computers & Graphics, Volume 91, 2020, Pages 199-218, ISSN 0097-8493.