University of Oslo
Problemveien 7, 0315 Oslo, Norway

The University of Oslo (UiO) has about 27 000 students, is Norway’s leading institution of higher education and research – and is rated among the top 100 universities, according to Shanghai World Ranking of 2016. UiO has 8 faculties and 2 museums, possessing top research communities in many areas. Moreover, UiO currently has 10 National Centres of Excellence and strategic interdisciplinary research areas in the fields of energy and life sciences. The Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History (IAKH) houses the only Conservation Study program in Norway. Its focus is on paintings and CH objects from the Stone Age to the present. The Museum of Cultural History (KHM) carries out research on its archaeological, ethnographic, numismatic and ecclesiastic art collections, selections of which are on public display. KHM also houses one of the world’s largest Viking Age collections for which a new museum is planned to open in 2023.