CHANGE final event

Photo: The CHANGE group

CHANGE final event

It is not always Norwegian summer nights are as hot as they were in Oslo when Society of Imaging and Technology hosted the Archiving conference in June. It was midsummer with long, bright nights when researchers, experts and practitioners joined discussions for cultural heritage. As the Archiving Conference is a highly relevant conference for the CHANGE members, CHANGE had partnered up with the conference and hosted a day of CHANGE dissemination in conjunction with the conference.

The Aula – The University of Oslo’s ceremonial hall

The Aula of the University of Oslo served as an excellent location for the conference. Surrounded by the monumental paintings by Edvard Munch both CHANGE scientist-in-charge Tine Frøysaker and Early Stage Researcher (ESR) Jan Cutajar at the University of Oslo, had the best conditions when presenting their research on these exact paintings. Frøysaker was one of the keynote speakers, presenting the Munch Aula Painting project where they work on developing sustainable preservation strategies for the paintings. Cutajar presented his paper titled ‘Spectral- and Image-based Documentation Metrics for the Evaluation of Conservation Cleaning Treatments’, work based on the Munch Aula located painting Chemistry.

Several CHANGE ESRs had papers accepted at the conference. Athanasia Papanikolaou presented her work on ‘Multimodal Measurement of Parchment Using a Custom 3D Scanner’, while Dipendra Mandal presented his journal paper titled ‘An Experiment-based Comparative Analysis of Pigment Classification Algorithms using Hyperspectral Imaging’. A full list of all CHANGE related presentations is listed below.

Yoko Arteaga presenting her paper

During the conference, coordinator Jon Y. Hardeberg presented an overview of the CHANGE project, while the scientific work package results were presented by the work package leaders Alamin Mansouri, Robert Sitnik and Clotilde Boust.

Although the conference was loaded with CHANGE dissemination of research results, together with partner organisation the National museum in Norway. we hosted an all-CHANGE event the coming day. During this event, all ESRs presented their PhD research and hosted a poster session for further discussions one to one with an interested audience. In CHANGE, we are lucky to have cultural heritage imaging experts closely connected as part of our external advisory board and for this week, two of them were invited speakers. We enjoyed listening to Roy Berns from Gray Sky Imaging (US) presenting Digital color reconstructions of cultural heritage using color-managed imaging and small-aperture spectrophotometry and Mark Mudge from Cultural Heritage Imaging (US) Telling Humanity’s Story: Democratizing Technology to Empower Cultural Narratives.

To complete the event, several experts from different backgrounds joined in to discuss the future needs of the cultural heritage sector, where challenges of how to transfer the knowledge of the scientists to the cultural heritage field was addressed together with climate change and the issue of the enormous amounts of data collected when imaging. In other words, issues and challenges in this topic are yet to be solved, and perhaps projects will evolve from these discussions?

After the dissemination event, the CHANGE group had an internal session discussing the project that now was closed. The National museum invited us for a tour around their labs, which you get a glimpse of in the image carousel below.

CHANGE related presentations at the Archiving Conference 2023
  • Evdokia Saiti (NTNU – Norwegian university of science and technology): A Pipeline for Monitoring the External and Inner Structure of Cultural Heritage Objects
  • Amalia Siatou (University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Switzerland): Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) Data Analysis for Change Detection: Application to Monitoring Protective Coating Failure on Low Carbon Steel.
  • Alessandra Marrocchesi (University of Amsterdam): A Lens Characterization Method for Low-budget High-quality Museum Photography.

Poster presentations

Poster presentation by Deepshikha Sharma
  • Ramamoorthy Luxman (University of Bourgogne France-Comté): A Benchmark Dataset and Evaluation for Best Light Configuration in Reflectance Transformation Imaging.
  • Deepshikha Sharma: Application of Reflectance Transformation Imaging for Visualizing Early Signs of Corrosion in Historical Glass Corrosion.
  • Yoko Arteaga (The National Centre for Research and Restoration in French Museums): Measuring and Modelling the Appearance of Gilded Surfaces: Applications in Conservation and Restoration.
  • Eryk Bunsch (Museum of King Jan III’s Palace at Wilanów, Poland): The Possibilities of Making Copies of Wooden Historical Objects by CNC Milling based on Digital Three-dimensional Models.

With this we would like to express our gratitude to the Society of Imaging and Technology for letting us partner up with the Archiving Conference and to the National museum for hosting us the final day. Thanks to the University of Oslo to host us in the Aula, to everyone presenting and to everyone joining the event!

Image carousel, showing images from presentations, all Archiving  conference attendees and the tour of National museum labs: