The dissemination tour of Norway continues for the Research Council of Norway funded project NO CHANGE. 29th of November 2022, the MUNCH museum in Oslo (Norway) hosted the NO CHANGE event, where CHANGE Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) and CHANGE supervisors introduced their research to the audience consisting of representatives from the museum sector in Norway.

More than 70 registered participants attended the event to listen to CHANGE ESR Yoko Arteaga (C2RMF) presenting her recent work on “Measuring and modelling the appearance of gilding for conservation and restoration”, Amalia Siatou (University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland) presenting “Reflectance Transformation Imaging as Tool for the Conservation Documentation of Challenging Cultural Heritage Surfaces” and Agnese Babini (NTNU) presenting her work on “Hyperspectral imaging of stained glass in museum contexts”.

In addition to the ESRs, Eryk Bunsch from our partner organisation the Museum of King Jan III’s Palace at Wilanów, Warsaw, introduced the audience to “The possibilities of making copies of wooden historical objects by CNC cutting based on digital three dimensional models” whereas, Tine Frøysaker, professor at the CHANGE beneficiary University of Oslo talked about “Canvas paintings and ‘low cost’ imaging for teaching students”. Coordinator Jon Hardeberg (NTNU) introduced the Imaging activities at the Colourlab, NTNU and their cultural heritage applications.

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