PhD midway presentations for the External Expert Advisory Board

PhD midway presentations for the External Expert Advisory Board

James Shyu
Greg Bearman

The second year of the CHANGE project is about to come to end, meaning we are soon half way through the project and our Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) are midway through their PhD project. It was time to catch up on their current status of their project, to facilitate more collaboration as well as providing feedback to guide the ESRs in the right direction when they enter the other half of their project period. For the latter case, the CHANGE consortium invited experts from different parts of the world, as members of our External Expert Advisory Board took part. Greg Bearman joined from the US, with a vast experience from imaging of Cultural Heritage objects, most notably the Dead Sea Scrolls. Greg gave valuable feedback to the ESRs together with James Shyu, professor at the Chinese Culture University in Taiwan, Fenella France Chief of the Preservation Research and Testing Division Library of Congress, USA, as well as Luca Pezzati, Coordinator of E-RIHS, the European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science. The CHANGE consortium is grateful that they could join us and our discussions. A great thanks also to the for the 14 interesting ESR presentations!

Luca Pezzati
Fenella France

Below you can see a screenshot from ESR 2 Dipendra Mandal’s presentation of his research on Quality evaluation in Cultural Heritage digitization. This slide shows the schematic of hyperspectral imaging system scanning pigment mockup in a laboratory setup:

You can read more about each ESRs’ research here.