Appearance change assessment: Link between local geometry and global appearance descriptors

Host Institution: UBFC


  • Investigate the relation between changes in appearance and its underlying geometric mechanisms.
  • Surface roughness reconstruction by combining stereo-photometry and ‘Shape From Focus’.
  • Acquisition at the same scale of surface 3D information and the photometric attributes.
  • Local and global singularities detection on 3D surfaces with impact on photometric attributes and global appearance.
  • Model and reverse-model of the link between surface 3D and appearance through photometric attributes.

Main Supervisor:

  • Alamin Mansouri (UBFC)


  • Robert Sitnik (WUT)
  • Gaëtan LE GOIC (UBFC)
  • Jon Yngve Hardeberg (NTNU)
  • Marinos Ioannides (CUT)