Transferable Skills

Transferable skills

Provided in addition to the specific skills directly connected to the research programme. These courses will be provided during CHANGE schools:

To manage IP, its opportunities and challenges, compromise between quick publication, and slow IP protection.

  • Intellectual Property Rights. Lecture provided during TE1 Norway by Sumit Luthra, NTNU Technology Transfer as

Basic principles of honesty, objectivity, integrity, openness, confidentiality, responsible publication, responsible mentoring, respect for colleagues, social responsibility, animal care, and human subject protection. Training for gender equality, bring about positive change for all and create an equitable society.

Core package of skills, time management, literature review, writing papers, and grant proposals.

To engage with public organisations, schools, teachers, and young people by equipping them with relevant skills, connections, and resources, and providing the support to develop their own activities.

  • Open Science. Lecture provided during TE1 Norway by Anne Signe Enget, NTNU
  • Communicate your research. Lecture provided during TE1 Norway by Phil Green, NTNU
  • Getting research published. Lecture provided during TE1 Norway by Phil Green, NTNU
  • Introduction for ESRs. Lecture provided during TE1 Norway by Anneli T. Østlien, NTNU

On industry working culture, activities, identification of market needs and startups.

The different support tools for startup companies from the governmental scheme will be presented.

Important skills required to work in interdisciplinary topics.