CHANGE Schools

CHANGE Schools

Training schools of 5 to 10 days long to be addressed to all ESRs to provide intersectoral collaborations with hands-on experience, both on the examination / analysis of CH artifacts and their documentation using innovative imaging techniques. In addition to introductory courses and in-depth workshops, all schools will include keynote presentations on advanced topics in conservation science and imaging techniques, the current knowledge in the field, and the future needs.

Lead: NTNU

ESRs will be introduced to the whole CHANGE project and the need of an interdisciplinary approach to document CH artifacts using imaging techniques. Introductory and transferable skills courses will also be delivered.

Lead: C2RMF

This training school will be organised in the form of a summer school (approx. 10 days). ESRs will be given hands-on experience with multi modal imaging for CH objects. An introductory and two transferable skills courses will also be provided, focusing in interdisciplinarity and outreach.

Lead: WUT

Courses and workshops provided in this CHANGE school will focus on the different aspects of software development for CH, from data management, algorithms, and other advanced topics. The transferable skill session will focus on industry and commercialization.

Lead: HES SO

This CHANGE school will focus on the dissemination and outreach of the outcomes of ESR projects to end-users and to public. Additionally, transferable skill sessions will also be provided aiming to further equip the ESRs for their future career.