Host Institution: WUT Objectives Identification of optimal device configuration for different modalities (geometry, multi spectral, BRDF/RTI) taking into account measurement quality and time, cost of device, and applicability in different scenarios. Development of device prototype with measurement functionality. Validation using CH mock-ups. As proof of applicability, multi modal measurements of CH objects during conservation processes will […]


Host Institution: WUT Objectives Identification of digital model representations for CH objects from different modalities (surface- and volumetric-based). Development of analysis and visualization methods for selected CH objects, with automated and interactive data processing. Validation of methods using CH dummies. Application of proposed multi modal analysis and visualization methods in conservation processes (before and after […]


Host Institution: NTNU Objectives Developments of registration algorithms suitable for successive surface scans of 3D objects across time without external reference points Developments of  multi modal registration algorithms that can automate the tedious process of registering multi modal data (e.g., surface and mineral scans) without external reference point. Main Supervisor: Theoharis Theoharis (NTNU) Co-Supervisor(s): Alamin Mansouri […]


Host Institution: NTNU Objectives Identification of quality attributes to be evaluated in CH digitization. Development and implementation of tools/methods for evaluation of quality attributes and interactive visualization methods for presenting the results. Validation of the tools/methods through comparison to ground truth data from for example physical and chemical tests and expert assessment. Main Supervisor: Marius […]


Host Institution: NTNU Objectives Development of imaging techniques for documentation of transparent/ translucent artifacts (films, glass, etc.). Development of tools for monitoring micro-macro changes in appearance of transparent/translucent CH artifacts using multi modal imaging. Development of methods for economic and fast digitization and processing of multi modal imaging for CH. Main Supervisor: Sony George (NTNU) […]