ESR9 – David Lewis

David Lewis

Country of Origin: United States of America
Host Institution: UBFC


Bachelor of Science in Imaging Science at the Rochester Institute of Technology - Graduated 2019.

Aspirations within projects:

Over the course of his appointment, David hopes most to connect with the community surrounding cultural heritage. He feels that being able to leverage that accumulated knowledge will better help him to contribute to the progress of the field.

ESR9: Appearance change assessment: Link between local geometry and global appearance descriptors


  • Investigate the relation between changes in appearance and its underlying geometric mechanisms.
  • Surface roughness reconstruction by combining stereo-photometry and ‘Shape From Focus’.
  • Acquisition at the same scale of surface 3D information and the photometric attributes.
  • Local and global singularities detection on 3D surfaces with impact on photometric attributes and global appearance.
  • Model and reverse-model of the link between surface 3D and appearance through photometric attributes.

Main Supervisor: