ESR1 – Agnese Babini

Agnese Babini

Country of Origin: Italy
Host Institution: NTNU


A conservation scientist to the bone! Agnese received both her bachelor's and master's degree in Science for Conservation of Cultural Heritage at the University of Bologna. She did an exchange year at UCLA, a precious experience that taught her the value of traveling abroad to broaden her point of view. Agnese's interest in imaging techniques arose during her master’s thesis internship at Northwestern University, where she had the opportunity to study the application of hyperspectral imaging and image processing algorithms to analyze pigments distribution in paintings and build & test a compressive hyperspectral camera. This experience made her realize how many useful and interesting information on works of art can be revealed through these techniques, and inspired her to keep researching on the topic, as well as learn more about other imaging methods.

Aspirations within projects:

Within this project, Agnese wishes to keep exploring the emerging field of imaging applied to Cultural Heritage and investigate the potentialities of imaging methods in characterizing and monitoring changes in translucent and transparent artifact. To reach this goal, she will bring into the project her skills and knowledge in conservation science and improve those in imaging science, by making the most of the resource available at NTNU and the training opportunities within the CHANGE-ITN network.